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10 Golden Rules of Digital Ethics

How can we proficiently live together in the web?

Hello together,
We live in a digitized world in which we have more freedom but also more responsibility. The way we behave and how we deal with conflicts is a reflection of our ethical attitude. It is time to agree on how a good and successful life in a digital society should look like. The 10 Golden Rules of Digital Ethics can be understood as guidelines. These 10 Golden Rules should help to appreciate the dignity of everyone, his/her self-determination as well as his/her freedom of action.
Let us respect them.

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1. Disclose as little as possible about yourself.
2. Be aware, and do not accept, that you are being observed and that your data     is being collected.
3. Do not believe everything you see or read online and keep yourself informed     utilizing alternative sources.
4. Do not condone bullying or hateful behavior.
5. Respect the dignity of others and remember, even in the world wide web rules     are applicable.
6. Do not trust everyone with whom you only have contact online.
7. Protect yourself and others from extreme content.
8. Do not value your own worth by likes and posts.
9. Do not judge yourself and your body by numbers and statistics.
10. Once in a while turn off your digital devices and treat yourself to a timeout.


Authors: Institute for Digital Ethics at Stuttgart Media University, Germany ( Master students under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Petra Grimm and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster, Chairman of the „Deutsche Telekom Stiftung“ as well as – a consulting platform by and for teenagers dealing with issues in the web;
Layout and Translation: Sophie Haferkorn, Master student at Stuttgart Media University